Niagara Junction Railway


Niagara Junction Railroad operated in Niagara Falls, N.Y., and had 11 route miles / 44 track miles (all electrified).

In 1976, there were 10 “motor’s” working the Niagara Jct. Railroad. The seven locomotives ordered in 1952 from the General Electric Company, were the largest single order for GE style locomotives at that time, allowing the NJ to remain all-electric after almost every other common carrier had gone diesel. The Niagara Junction was taken over by Conrail on April 1, 1976, when the locomotives were re-numbered to Conrail’s 4750 series in August 1977. Electric operation was discontinued in January 1978, when the NJ #14-20 were barely 26 years old! By 1980, Conrail had moved entirely to diesel power and had scrapped four of the “Juice Boxes.” 1983 saw the remaining six sold for scrap value. Metro-North Railroad bought the three and outfitted all three with “third rail” pickup’s so they could be used around and under NYC’s Grand Central Terminal. In 1998 the last three units were placed in a “dead line,” their fate unknown.

The Niagara Junction operated strictly in the City of Niagara Falls except for Foote Yard, which I believe is actually in the Town Of Niagara. The engine house was located on Hyde Park Blvd. Extension in the city of Niagara Falls. The building is and track are still there, but Conrail couldn’t wait to get the overhead wiring down.

Before Conrail, Niagara Junction was controlled by the Erie.