CNE/NDC Glenham to Hopewell Junction

West Glenham and Glenham



First bridge at West Glenham.

Running eastbound from Matteawan, the next station stop was Glenham. In Glenham the tracks crossed the Fishkill creek in two places. The bridge at West Glenham was replaced at least twice over the life of the line. This photo shows the first bridge over Fishkill Creek at West Glenham. These original D&C RR bridges were not strong enough for the heavier locomotives and trains that the NY&NE RR began running on the line in 1881.



First bridge at West Glenham

This area along Fishkill Creek was called Rocky Glen.



Second West Glenham bridge.

This much stronger bridge was built in 1894 at West Glenham to handle the heavier locomotives and trains of the NY&NE RR.



Third bridge at West Glenham

In later years, this concrete arch bridge replaced the steel bridge at West Glenham. This bridge is still in service but there is little traffic on the line. Metro North RR is saving the line for possible future use as a commuter route.



West Glenham bridge in the 1960’s



West Glenham bridge in 1941

The bridges of Glenham saw lots of action in the days of steam engines.



Glenham station in the 1930’s

Glenham station was in between the east and west bridges.



Glenham station and freight house.



A wreck on the ND&C would always draw a crowd.

This photo shows engines #4 and #6 nose to nose in Glenham in August 1899



Wreck in Glenham August 1899.

The newspaper story says that two stock cars of sheep on the train accompanied by two Englishmen who were asleep at the time. What a rude awakening.



After the demise of Penn Central, The Housatonic RR ran on Glenham rails.



This USGS map of the Glenham area shows where the line crossed the Fishkill Creek in two places with the station in between.



Metro North Commuter RR currently owns the tracks through Glenham.



Sperry track inspection car at Glenham in 1997.



This siding into a factory in Glenham had such a sharp bend at the far end that locomotives could not make the turn. A team of oxen was used to pull each car across the bridge.



Track Maintenance work in East Glenham in the 1940’s. The east Glenham bridge is visible in the background.



East Glenham bridge traffic in the New Haven RR era.



East Glenham bridge is still in service today and owned by Metro North RR.



Freight house at Fishkill



Freight house at Fishkill during the New Haven RR era.



Passenger station at Fishkill



Brinckerhoff station.



Station and freight house at Brinckerhoff.



Bridge at Lomala.

Lomala was the location of a D&C/ND&C bridge over Sprout Creek between Brinckerhoff and Hopewell Junction. The original bridge here was a wooden trestle but it was rebuilt in stone and steel to handle the heavier NY&NE locomotives.



Hopewell Junction yard about 1910.

The large white building was the Bordens Creamery. Beyond the creamery you can just make out the Hopewell Junction station and crossing tower. The double track Maybrook line crossed between the tower and the station.



Hopewell station in the 1940’s

The ND&C/CNE tracks had been torn out in 1938. They would have been where the car is parked at right. The double track Maybrook line crosses in the foreground.



Hopewell station in November 1980.

This photo was taken 6 years after the Poughkeepsie RR bridge fire. There was little train traffic and three years later the tracks were removed in 1983. In 1986 there was a fire in the station that did a lot of smoke a charring damage. Hopewell Depot Restoration Inc is currently working to restore the station into a small museum and educational facility. It is the last remaining railroad building in Hopewell Junction.


A New Hudson Bridge, Revived Beacon Line, HYPERLOOP and More

The Maybrook Line was a line of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad which connected with its Waterbury Branch in Derby, Connecticut, and its Maybrook Yard in Maybrook, New York, where it interchanged with other carriers.

If one looks at the most popular Pages on our WebSite, over half directly reference the Maybrook Line. Lot’s of folks have an interest in it. The “Maybrook Line” was important to New England before the advent of Penn Central and before the Poughkeepsie Bridge burned. This piece of the railroad carried freight from Maybrook Yard, across the Poughkeepsie Bridge to Hopewell Junction where it joined a line from Beacon. The railroad then went to Brewster, then Danbury, and finally to Cedar Hill Yard in New Haven.

WHY and How To Fix The “MAYBROOK LINE”?

Container port/intermodal facility/rail bridge

The construction of a railroad bridge between New Hamburg and Marlboro is likely the least expensive place to build a Hudson River crossing between Manhattan and Albany.    The stone for ramps, sand and gravel for concrete and a steel beam assembly and storage area would be right on sight.  All materials and equipment could be transported by barge or boat.  The bridge itself would have only four or five piers (the most costly part to build) since the Hudson River is about the same width as it is in Poughkeepsie.

The Hudson River component connects Dutchess, Ulster and Orange counties to the world economy (finished goods, spare parts, components parts, raw materials, food stuffs) and the railroad and interstate road components connect these NY counties to the rest of North America (US, Mexico, Canada).

With the container port/intermodal facility/rail bridge, the flow in and out of raw materials, spare parts, partially finished goods, foodstuffs and components will allow for new industries and businesses to locate near this facility and add to the tax base of these three NY counties: Dutchess, Ulster and Orange counties.

Although the Dutchess County Airport is a tiny regional airport with a 5,000 foot runway, it has some big potential. The airport land extends a mile Northeast of the present runway end at New Hackensack Road and borders on the former New Haven Maybrook Line/Dutchess Rail Trail. As the NY Air National Guard gets crowded out by international air traffic at Stewart International Airport their operation could be moved over to Dutchess Airport without disrupting the lives of the guard members and their families through forced relocation.

Beacon itself is exploding with “developer” activity, and it needs a trolley or light rail for the city only to transform back into a pedestrian oriented city.

Other activities include: Solidization of rail links in Connecticut to handle increased traffic; a possible HYPERLINK for improved service along the Beacon Line and in/out of New York City 

Now you are going to ask. What does the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority have to do with the “BEACON LINE”? IT OWNS IT! Must realize that NYCMTA is a “regional” organization. With all that went on with Penn-Central and CONRAIL somebody had to own it!


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