Poughkeepsie & Eastern North from Poughkeepsie


The name P&E did not actually last very long. It started out in 1872 as the P&E Railroad but the name was changed shortly to PH&B. A few years later it became the NY&M and then in 1893 it was changed back to P&E Railway. This was all the same railroad with different names.

Most people called it the P&E even when the name was PH&B or NY&M.



These smiling faces are waiting for the train at Van Wagners a few miles east of Poughkeepsie.

From the Roger Liller collection



Early view of Pleasant Valley station.

From the Roger Liller collection



Pleasant Valley station with agent House on the platform.

From the Roger Liller collection



Pleasant Valley station in 1968.

In later years the building was used by a car dealer as a storage area for auto parts.
From the Roger Liller collection



Pleasant Valley station “rest rooms” in 1968.

The railroad had been gone for 30 years but the buildings were still in good condition.
From the Roger Liller collection



Pleasant Valley station up on blocks awaiting the move for restoration.

Photo by the late Austin McEntee



Restored Pleasant Valley station is now on the grounds of a grade school on West Road in Pleasant Valley.

B. L. Rudberg photo



Those of you who were along on the CNE spring tour in April may remember the Pleasant Valley station painted in blue. The paint was beginning to peel in spots and blue was not really the original railroad color. Above shows the Pleasant Valley station on 14 August 2006.

It now has a fresh coat of yellow and brown which is more like authentic railroad colors. The paint job is not completed yet. You can see that the rain gutter and some of the roof braces are still blue. The new colors are a big improvement over the faded and peeling blue.

The Pleasant Valley station is on the property of West Road School and is now taken care of by the Town of Pleasant Valley recreation department.

B. L. Rudberg photo



Some well dressed passengers waiting for the train at Salt Point.

From the Roger Liller collection



Salt Point station on a snowy day in February 1936.

From the Roger Liller collection
In the days before railroads farmers would drive herds of cattle to Poughkeepsie for shipment to New York City. The value of the cattle was by weight. At Salt Point they would give the cattle salt to make them drink more water and thus weigh more when they got to the boat in Poughkeepsie.



This P&E wreck was on 12 July 1904 at Salt Point.

The freight train was waiting on the siding when a trainman named Kellerhouse was operating the switch. He mistakenly threw the switch the wrong way at the last second and put the passenger train on the same siding. After the crash Kellerhouse could not be found. The passenger train conductor, named Marcy, was taken to Vassar Hospital with a fractured skull.
From the Roger Liller collection



P&E station at Salt Point

Ziegert collection

The siding at left was the scene of the head on collision in July 1904.



Here is a bit closer look at the 12 July 1904 P&E wreck at Salt Point.
From the Roger Liller collection



Clinton Corners station on the P&E.

From the collection of Roger Liller



Clinton Corners station.

From the Fran Donovan collection



P&E excursion train at Upton Lake.

Nimke Vol 1 page 66



Information on the back of this photo says that it is the P&E station at Willow Brook.
From the Roger Liller collection



Postcard view of the P&E Stanfordville station.



Postcard view of Stanfordville station about 1910.

From the Roger Liller collection



Stanfordville station about 1910.

From the Roger Liller collection



At McIntyre the rival P&C RR passed over the P&E on a skewed bridge.

Nimke Vol 1 page 123



Stissing Junction on 5 November 1932

From the Austin McEntee collection
Tracks to the left were the former ND&C to Millbrook, Hopewell Junction and Beacon. To the right was the former P&E to Salt Point, Pleasant Valley and Poughkeepsie.



Stissing Junction about the time of abandonment in the late 1930’s.

From the Roger Liller collection



Stissing Junction when the line was operated by the CNE.

From Bob’s Photos



Stissing Junction in 1968.

All that remains is the foundation of the water tank.
From the Roger Liller collection



Information on the back of this photo says it is the P&E near Pine Plains.

From the Roger Liller collection



Agent Joe Crilley at the P&E station in Pine Plains.

From the collection of Roger Liller



Former P&E station at Pine Plains.

This photo was labeled New Haven Station which would place it sometime between 1927 and 1938.
From the Roger Liller collection





P&E station in Pine Plains on 5 November 1932.

From the Roger Liller collection



P&E #6 at speed. Location unknown.

From the collection of Roger Liller



Borden’s Creamery at Lead Mines on the P&E

Nimke Vol 3 page 182
More about milk trains



When the CNE took over the line in 1907 this trestle was filled in using gravel from the wye near Boston Corners. The name Lead Mines was later changed to Ancramdale.

From the collection of Roger Liller



Ancramdale Station on the P&E formerly called Lead Mines.

From the collection of Roger Liller



Halsteads after abandonment.

From the collection of Roger Liller



P&E #4 at Boston Corners ready to leave for Poughkeepsie.

J. W. Swanberg collection


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