Middletown & New Jersey

The Middletown & New Jersey Railroad (MNJ) consists of 43 miles of track in South Eastern New York serving Orange County and the Hudson Valley.


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MNJ773 - 20170321-001-t



Track Miles Operated: 43 Miles
Interchange: NS at Middletown, NY & Campbell Hall, NY; NYSW at Warwick, NY
Several Transload Facilities


MNJ owns 3 locomotives


Transload Services:

A&R Logistics, Inc.
Messco Supply, Walden NY

Additional Services:

Car Storage (loaded and empty)
Track Construction & Maintenance

Industrial Development:

MNJ is strategically located in Orange County, NY (1 hour from NYC.) Situated at the intersection of NY 17 and I-84, Industrial Sites available. For confidential information on available sites and assistance in determining the optimal site for your companies needs, please contact Al Sauer (610) 925-0131.In addition, the following agencies assist with business development in communities along our line:

City of Middletown Community & Economic Development Department
New York State Economic Development Agency
Orange County Partnership
Orange & Rockland Utilities


Middletown & New Jersey Railroad Historical Society
New York Susquehanna & Western Railway
Norfolk Southern Railway