Hopewell Junction Restoration



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December 30, 2010: The recent snowstorm has slowed our progress on the depot roof construction. Of course we have to clean out any remaining snow and maybe shovel some paths. The next Hopewell Depot work session will be on Monday morning, 3 January, 2011. The plan is to continue finishing the tops of the walls and add metal staging for the new trusses. There is still some clean up around the scrap wood pile to be loaded into the dumpster. Around 10:00 AM there will be a reporter there from the Poughkeepsie Journal to take pictures for an article. We need a few good volunteers for the pictures.

We have started getting donations for the roof materials. So far we are managing to cover the bills but there will be more needed to finish the roof work.

Help Save the Hopewell Depot
President: Bernard L. Rudberg Retired from IBM
Vice President: Richard M. Taylor Retired Contractor
Secretary: Jacqueline Prusak Retired Teacher
Treasurer: B.L. Rudberg (temp.)

With the cold weather nipping at our heels and 2010 coming to a close, so is Phase I of the Hopewell Depot Restoration’s effort to restore the RR Depot located at the south end of the Dutchess Rail Trail. Phase I consisted of replacing damaged sections of the frame work of the building built in 1873. We have replaced the floor & rim joist, sections of exterior & interior walls and to complete Phase I, we need to replace the complete roof structure due to the damage from a fire by vandals in 1986. This final step in this restoration project has become the most challenging as to cost and volunteer help. We are challenging the public, businesses and municipalities to get involved with saving the last historic building that paints the history of Hopewell Junction and the development of the railroad industry.

Our goal is to raise $118,000.00 to complete restoration and furnishing of the Depot and open it to the public in August 2012. We feel this building will become a hub for rail trail users and history buffs and will benefit the surrounding community just as the Walkway Over the Hudson did for Poughkeepsie.

If you are interested in preserving history for future generations, we encourage you to make a generous donation or sponsor a section of the Depot to help save this valuable piece of Americana.

Those that give $500 or more will have their names engraved on a plaque in gathering room

Station Master 1 @ $50,000 ( will receive free life membership, framed engraved slate of Depot, RR Book by Bernie Rudberg) $50,000

Conductor 4 @ $10,000 (will receive engraved slate of Depot and RR book by Bernie Rudberg) $40,000

Train Engineer 4 @$5,000 (will receive RR book by Bernie Rudberg) $20,000

Fireman 6 @$1,000 $6,000

Brakeman 4 @ $500 $2,000

Fundraising goal $118,000

A brief history of the Depot: Built in 1873,it has been relocated twice and has remained in the same location since 1910, the Depot was closed in 1974 after the fire on the Poughkeepsie RR Bridge, The tracks were torn up in 1983. The Depot was set on fire by vandals in 1986 which caused considerable damage to the roof structure and some interior walls. In 1996, Rich Taylor challenged a small group of RR buffs and concerned citizens to come together and save the Depot for future generations. Hopewell Depot Restoration Corp. is an all volunteer tax exempt group under sections 501 (C) (03) of the Internal Revenue Code. Thank you for all your support and generous donations which are greatly appreciated.



December 23, 2010: It is cold today with snow flurries but we got some work done anyway. The 2 X 12 headers are in place on top of the walls and the humps in the old walls trimmed off.

Most of the scrap wood is now in the dumpster but there is still some raking to be done.

By the way, The county has installed orange snow fencing along the rail trail parking lot. This is the same kind of fencing that they would not let us install a couple months ago.

For those of you who can’t help with the construction work, you can help by “sponsoring” the project. We are asking for sponsorships as follows:
The trusses are $100.00 ea. (need 22 trusses) (The bill was $2273.07)
5/8″ plywood sheathing are $20.00 ea. (need 66 sheets)
30 year shingles are $18 per bundle or $72.00 per square (100 sq. ft.) (need 21 square)
30# felt is $10.00 per roll (need 15 rolls)
If you can sponsor any of our needs, send a check to:
Hopewell Depot Restoration Corp.
P O Box 1044
Hopewell Junction, NY


December 22, 2010: Today’s depot work was in two parts. The construction crew worked on the tops of the walls measuring and notching for the trusses.

Meanwhile four volunteers were loading scrap wood into the dumpster. One volunteer came all the way from Houston, Texas.

When you have some free time, stop around the depot and stack a few scrap boards in the dumpster.

We are working on a time/date to have a “roof Raising”. We will let you know when we get things worked out.


December 21, 2010: Royal Carting donated a large size dumpster. It arrived today and we started filling it. If you have any free time, stop at the depot and stack some more of the scrap lumber in the dumpster.

Also, we plan to do some work on the top of the walls in preparation for installing the new trusses. We will start work around 8:30 on Wednesday morning December 22. The job will be measuring, marking and notching the top edge of the walls for placement of the trusses. As usual we need volunteers for the job.

We still do not have a crane or cherry picker for lifting the trusses. If you know anybody who has that kind of equipment, tell them we need help.

We need all the help we can get. Some of our volunteers are getting very tired. Come on down and join us.

We will be watching the weather reports for work during Christmas week.

We have started getting donations for the roof materials. So far we are managing to cover the bills but there will be more needed to finish the roof work.


December 18, 2010: The weather turned out to be quite nice today. The temperature was 19 when we started but the sun warmed things up to over 30 by noon time. The county has been working on the Rail Trail by the building. There are new fences and an extension to the entry road and parking area. People have been using this section of the Rail Trail even though it is not officially open yet.

We had five volunteers today so the work went along quite well. We got the rest of the old roof rafters down and modified the scaffolding in preparation for raising the new roof trusses. With a bit of trim work on top of the walls we will be ready for the new roof. With any kind of luck we will be able “raise the roof” during the week between Christmas and New Years.

November 21, 2010: We had a very productive work session today at the Hopewell Junction Depot. We set up temporary scaffolding and began removing and cataloging the ornamental roof braces. The braces will be restored and put back on the depot after the new roof is on.

Stoked by goodies from Dunkin Donuts, we also removed most of the old soffits. Many of the boards are in salvageable condition so we stacked them inside the depot for future use.

We will need volunteers for Saturday AM 27 November. The next work session is planned for Saturday morning November 27, starting at about 8:30 AM. The next phase of the work will be starting to remove the old roof structure. Come out Saturday and be a part of Hopewell Depot Restoration.

We also need financial help to continue the restoration. Maybe you could “sponsor” a roof truss or a roof panel. Any amount would help.

For the next few Saturdays we will be working on replacing the roof of the Hopewell Junction depot. We have been working toward this milestone for several years. Help us make it happen. We will need volunteers for this project. The plan is as follows:

Saturday, October 23 Set up scaffolding and begin removing old soffits and roof parts.

Saturday, October 30 Continue to remove old sheathing and rafters.

Saturday, November 13 and/or 20 New trusses should be ready to install plus sheathing.

New roof should be in place by the end of November.

Now is the time to step up and be a part of restoring the Hopewell Junction Depot. We hope to see you at the depot Saturday morning.