VMS Gets GE Engine Order for New Lindblad Vessel

The VMS Group of Denmark has announced that it has been awarded an order for four General Electric diesel engines for Lindblad Expeditions’ newbuilding under construction at Ulstein in Norway.

VMS said the order was for four environmentally friendly L250 and V250 engines from GE Transportation.

The company stated that the engines meet the strict requirements for reducing NOx emissions and emissions of soot particles required by EPA Tier 4 and IMO Tier III. The engine technology overrides the need for SCR-equipment, thus making it unnecessary to store or use urea on board, releasing both load and tank capacities and saving the costs associated with purchasing, installation and maintenance of this extra equipment.

According to VMS, the combination of non-SCR, no dosing and monitoring equipment or urea tanks saves customers up to 75 percent space and reduces the complexity of ship design and yard installation time and cost. The diesel engine integrates an upgraded control system, high-pressure common rail fuel injection, two-stage turbocharging, and advanced exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

The Danish company is the sales agent for GE;s L250 and V250 engines covering the Scandinavian and German markets

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